Current Affairs Plus

Current Affairs Plus

Join Current Affairs Plus to answer 70% of current affairs questions for the UPSC Prelims Examination.

A basic awareness on current issues alone, may not fetch you the Mains ticket. 40 to 50 % questions  of UPSC Prelims examination are either direct current affairs questions or questions from static areas linked with current events. Also, these questions may not be from the immediate one year. Let’s call these questions Dynamic Questions.

Tackling Dynamic Questions require 3 things to be done:

  1. Identify important Prelims topics from current events of 2.5 years.
  2. Interlink these topics with the static syllabus of subjects (Economy, Environment, Polity, Geography, History & Culture, Science & Technology, and International Relations) and learn relevant information surrounding them.
  3. Revise multiple times.

What is Current Affairs Plus?

Current Affairs Plus (CAP) is an exclusive current affairs course for UPSC Prelims Examination. It interlinks static portions of the Prelims syllabus with current events. CAP presents extensive coverage of not just current affairs but the broad spectrum of relevant information surrounding current affairs. It will enable a candidate to cover most of the left-out portions from their standard books. Hence the name Current Affairs PLUS. Current Affairs topics are selected from the following sources: The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB, Mint, Down to Earth and Yojana.

How CAP differs from other current affair programs?

Best Current Affairs course for UPSC Prelims Examination
Ekam IAS Current Affairs
Why Current Affairs Plus is the best for UPSC Prelims

What will you get when you join CAP?

  1. Detailed coverage of topics from Jan 2021 to April 2023
  2. Subject-wise segregated current affairs
  3. Within a subject, topic-wise organized current affairs
  4. 110 to 120 hours of video lectures
  5. Revisable PDF study material
  6. Eight Prelims current affairs mock test including Economic survey and budget
  7. Approachable mentors to clear doubts

Why should you choose CAP?

  • Proven efficacy – 48 successful candidates in last 5 years
  • Covers 40 to 50 questions for prelims through unique approach
  • Watch classes anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple views to aid revision

Forget bulky current affairs magazines. Forget filtering topics from newspapers. 

Join Current Affairs Plus and get everything you need in one place. Ensure your mains ticket now. 

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Where is Ekam IAS located?

Ekam IAS is a premier online coaching institute for UPSC Civil Services Examination, located at Kadavanthra, Kochi, Kerala. We’ve years of experience in mentoring and teaching students all over the nation, helping them achieve their UPSC-dream through the right guidance, strategy and precise content.

Is EMI facility available?


You can avail EMI using credit card. Credit Card options are given in the payement page. 

How will I get the access to the course?

We provide the classes on our state-of-the-art eLearning portal. You’ll be able to watch the classes in an organized way.

Once you join, you’ll be contacted by our team.  

What is the course validity?

Course will be valid till Prelims Examination. After clearing prelims examination, you can extend the course validity till mains examination free of cost. 

How many times can I watch each class?

5 times. Additional views will be provided for genuine reasons on case-by-case basis.

When will the new batch begin?

Good news is – whenever you want. Our courses are self-paced, you can join us at anytime and begin your UPSC CSE preparation right away.

When is the class time?

Our classes can be watched at your convenient time, day or night. Learn anytime, anywhere.

How will I be able to clear my doubts?

Doubts can be cleared directly by contacting our subject experts and mentors. They can contacted via Telegram, WhatsApp or phone call.

What is the admission procedure?

Please click ‘ENROLL NOW’ proceed with the on-screen options. 

Once you remit the course fee, you’ll get an email confirmation. Soon you’ll be contacted by our team to complete course enrollment. 

After paying the fee, when can I start the course?

You’ll receive an email confirmation of the payment and a request to submit photo and ID proof. After submitting the details, your course enrolment will be completed and within 1 hour you’ll be able to begin your course.

How can I join CAP?

Please click ‘ENROLL NOW’ and proceed. 

Is there an offer available for CAP?


We offer quality over monetary discounts.  

Is there any discount for previous students?

Yes. Please contact 9446331522 for more details. 

Forget bulky current affairs magazines. Forget filtering topics from newspapers. 

Join Current Affairs Plus and get everything you need in one place.