Ekam PCM

Ekam PCM

“Celebrating the completion of small accomplishments leads to the completion of larger goals.”

Ekam PCM is a self-paced course, scientifically designed on the basis of above philosophy. The ‘larger goal’ of cracking the UPSC Civil Services Examination is transformed into small achievable steps.

Ekam PCM’s focused approach helps you to build concepts effectively based on UPSC syllabus and previous years’ questions. It empowers you to understand the demand of UPSC Civil Service Examination.

What will you get when you join Ekam PCM ?

  1. 700+ hours of video lectures
    Cover the entire syllabus of GS Prelims, CSAT and GS Mains
  2. Study material
    Gain concept clarity through our structured study materials updated with topic-wise PYQs
  3. Test series
    Practice what you learnt through our test series for GS Prelims, CSAT and Mains
  4. Personal attention
    Stay motivated and streamline your preparation through our one-on-one mentorship sessions. 2 mentors will be available for each student.
  5. Mains answer improving sessions
    Learn the art of answer-writing through our unique approach to mains
  6. Current affairs
    Stay updated with our Current Affairs Plus course (3 years of coverage)
  7. Sectional tests
    Evaluate your topic-wise understanding of core subjects through practice questions
  8. Doubt clearance
    Clear your doubts directly from accessible subject experts.
  9. Interview guidance
    Get 3-level interview guidance after your succeed Mains Examination
  10. Personalised study plan
    Achieve your UPSC-dream through our personalized weekly targets.

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Let Us Help

Book an appointment with our UPSC-expert to learn how to achieve your UPSC-dream


1) Where is Ekam IAS located?

Ekam IAS is a premier online coaching institute for UPSC Civil Services Examination, located at Kadavanthra, Kochi, Kerala. We’ve years of experience in mentoring and teaching students all over the nation, helping them achieve their UPSC-dream through the right guidance, strategy and precise content.

2) Why should I join Ekam IAS?

Personalised learning experience

Our courses are self-paced enabling you to prepare at your convenience. Our target-oriented course design will ensure personal attention to you. Clear your doubts directly from accessible subject experts.


Our team of devoted mentors will constantly motivate you and help you streamline your preparation. With our dedicated mentors’ constructive feedback you can find and nullify your unique weaknesses and get your strengths polished. 

Complete coverage of UPSC syllabus

Through our video lectures, gain an in-depth understanding of the entire syllabus of GS Prelims, CSAT and GS Mains. Not even a single word goes omitted—that’s an Ekam promise.

Team of experienced UPSC-experts

Our subject faculties will inspire interest in every topic and will train you to understand  UPSC Questions. With our strategies, you will score without missing the mark.

One-stop study material, centred around PYQs

Our study materials are our pride. Our aim is for you to gain concept clarity. At Ekam, we combine NCERTs and major reference texts, and structure these around topic-wise previous year questions.

3) Is EMI facility available?

Yes. Please contact 9446334122 for more details.

4) How will I get the access to the course?

We provide the classes our state-of-the-art eLearning portal. You’ll be able to watch the classes in an organized way.  

5) What is the course validity?

Course validity depends on Civil Service Academic Calendar. Prelims portions will be available till next Prelims exam and Mains portions will be available till next exam or 12 months, whichever is earlier.

6) When will the new batch begin?

Good news is – whenever you want. Our courses are self-paced, you can join Ekam PCM at anytime and begin your UPSC CSE preparation right away.

7) When is the class time?

Our classes can be watched at your convenient time, day or night. Learn anytime, anywhere.

8) How will I be able to clear my doubts?

Doubts can be cleared directly by contacting our subject experts and mentors. They can contacted via Telegram, WhatsApp or phone call.

9) How many times can I watch each class?

5 times. Additional views will be provided for genuine reasons on case-by-case basis.

10) Is optional included with the Prelims cum Mains course?


11) Which optional do you provide?

Malayalam Literature

12) Will you teach how to approach Essay?

Yes. There will be classes, answer feedback and mentorship for Essay.

13) What is the admission procedure?

Please fill in the form given in this page. You’ll be contacted by our UPSC-expert.

14) After paying the fee, when can I start the course?

You’ll receive an email confirmation of the payment and a request to submit photo and ID proof. After submitting the details, your course enrolment will be completed and within 1 hour you’ll be able to begin your course.

15) How can I join Ekam PCM?

Please click ‘Book Now’ and enter the details. You’ll be contacted by our UPSC-expert.

16) What is the course fee for Ekam PCM?

Please click ‘Book Now’ and enter the details. You’ll be contacted by our UPSC-expert.

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