Ekam ARISE is the best mentorship course for UPSC cse

Ekam ARISE is the ultimate mentorship program for UPSC-aspirants. Got a strong desire to clear UPSC CSE? But, has nobody to guide you? Ekam ARISE is for you! 

The biggest mistake a UPSC aspirant makes is focusing only on acquiring knowledge. Cracking the various stages of UPSC-CSE demand more than just knowledge. Development of appropriate skills for each stage of the examination is crucial.

Skill sets that are necessary for clearing the examination include:

  1. Logical reasoning to arrive at the right answer by eliminating the wrong ones
  2. Developing an answer-writing style that fetch you good marks
  3. Time management

Ekam ARISE enables you to master the above skill sets and so much more!

Ekam ARISE is the best mentorship course for UPSC Civil services examination

How will you benefit from Ekam ARISE?

  • Rise up: Stay motivated throughout your UPSC preparation with personal mentorship
  • Learn the right strategy to clear UPSC CSE in your next attempt
  • Organized and strategized UPSC Preparation
  • Get familiarized with UPSC-standard mock tests so much so that the actual UPSC examination will just be another mock test for you
  • Be Mains ready in advance: Learn how to write answers with a personal touch, that fetch you good marks for Mains examination
  • Identify your weak areas within the core-subjects through AI-based Weakness Identifying and Nurturing System (WINS)
best upsc mentorship and guidance
Special thanks to Anand sir for his continuous emotional support and constant feedback in all the stages of examination and for being a personal mentor.

Course features:

  • Personalized study plan to cover Prelims and Mains syllabus
  • Strategy sessions to develop various skills and study techniques
  • Unlimited 1:1 mentorship sessions
  • 30 sectional mock tests for Prelims
  • 7 subject-wise Prelims Mock tests
  • 3 Prelims Full Tests (GS and CSAT)
  • 10 day daily answer-writing for Mains
  • 13 sectional mock tests for Mains
  • 5 Mains full tests (GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4 and Essay)
  • Course validity: 1 year

Learn how Ayush Bhaduria, AIR 253, used our courses to clear UPSC Civil Services Examination

Ayush Bhaduaria UPSC Topper AIR 253, 2021 | Ekam IAS
Play Video about Ayush Bhaduaria UPSC Topper AIR 253, 2021 | Ekam IAS
UPSC toppers of Ekam IAS

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