Mains Through PYQ

Learn how to write good answers for UPSC Mains in 30 days.

Writing a good answer for mains is an art. An art of striking the right balance between content and presentation! Master the art through our unique course, Mains Through PYQ (MTP), specifically designed to empower you to tackle the different types of UPSC Mains questions. Join MTP and practice UPSC Mains answer-writing through Previous Year Questions (PYQs).

What will you get when you join MTP?

  1. Daily answer-writing practise for 30 days, 1 Previous Year Question each day
  2. Detailed, constructive, and timely feedback
  3. Learn how to write answers for all subjects, including Ethics and Essay
  4. Understand how to approach different types of UPSC questions
  5. Get Model answers
  6. Write answers at your convenience
For a detailed schedule of MTP course: Click here

Be ready for UPSC Mains in advance by joining for Mains Through PYQ.


Where is Ekam IAS located?

Ekam IAS is a premier online coaching institute for UPSC Civil Services Examination, located at Kochi, Kerala.

We’ve years of experience in mentoring and teaching students all over the nation, helping them achieve their UPSC-dream through the right guidance, strategy and precise content.

How will I get the answer feedback?

Corrected answer sheet, detailed audio feedback and model answer will be sent to your registered email address. 

How can I submit the answers?

Take printout of Ekam IAS Model Answer Sheets.

Write answers as per the schedule on Ekam IAS Model Answer Sheet.

Scan your answer and create a PDF file. Use an application like Microsoft Lens. 

Email your answer to [email protected]

Get detailed feedback from our UPSC-expert. 

What is the course validity?

MTP will be valid for 31 days from the date of joining. 

Can I talk to mentor over phone call?


When will the course begin?

The course will start whenever you join. You don’t have to wait for anybody else. 

As soon as you join, our mentor will contact you to provide necessary guidance. You can submit your first answer and the course will begin. 

We provide courses individually to each student. This is to ensure the highest level of personal attention. 

Will you teach me how to write the answer?

Of course. That’s the whole purpose of this course. 

Our mentors will be ready to spend individual time with on-demand. 

The mentors at Ekam IAS are specially trained to be patient and supportive to the students. 

Student satisfaction is first on our priority list. 

Can I write answers in other model answer sheets?

We highly recommend you write answers in Ekam IAS Model Answer Sheets. This is because spacing your answers is of high importance. 

Should I write answers time-bound?

Not necessarily. Mentor will guide you in this regard based on your level of preparation. 

What is the admission procedure?

Please click ‘Enroll Now’ and complete the checkout. Once the course fee is remitted, you’ll be contacted by the mentor. 

For any assistance needed, please feel free to contact us on 9446334122. 

After paying the fee, when can I start the course?

You’ll receive an email confirmation of the payment and a request to submit photo and ID proof. After submitting the details, your course enrolment will be completed and within 1 hour you’ll be able to begin your course.

How can I join Mains Through PYQ course?

Please click ‘Enroll now’ and proceed with on screen instructions. Once you place the order, you’ll be contacted by the mentor. 

Is there any offer available?


MTP is already an affordable course.

You’ll be paying a meagre Rs.66/answer-feedback and model answer. 

Be ready for UPSC Mains in advance by joining for Mains Through PYQ.