Master of Economy

Master of Economy

This course is by Samjad AG, India's no.1 faculty for UPSC GS Economy.

Economy is by far the most important subject for UPSC GS preparation. In the last 3 years, an average of 21 questions are asked for the Prelims exam from Economy. For UPSC Mains GS-3 examination, half of the questions are from Economy. 

Economy becomes a difficult subject as concept clarity is required to answer most of the questions. A few readings of Ramesh Singh or Shanker Ganesh, or jargon filled lectures by top educators may not suffice in this regard. 

Samjad sir teaches Economy in the most simplified form with realistic examples and interlinks. He covers all aspects of a topic, without a loophole, and solves Previous Years’ Questions through this course. This enables a student to learn Economy from an examination perspective.

If you join the MoE course, you’ll thank us from the examination hall! 

What will you get when you join Master of Economy (MoE)?

  1. 100 hours of video classes by Samjad sir
    Gain concept clarity for the entire static syllabus of Economy for UPSC Prelims and Mains 
  2. Study material
    Get structured study materials updated with topic-wise PYQs
  3. Mock Tests
    Practice what you learnt through our 2 mock tests on Economy. One current affair test entirely based on Economic survey and budget.
  4. Sectional tests
    7 tests of 25 questions each to evaluate your topic-wise understanding

To know the topics covered, and the class hours of Master of Economy course: Click here

Join the Master of Economy (MoE) course to gain great concept clarity in Prelims and Mains syllabus of Economy.

Use coupon code: CONCEPTCLARITY

This course is for understanding the static portion of the Economy syllabus. Students should update Current Affairs separately. The video lectures in this course was recorded by Samjad sir in 2021. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, sir has stopped taking new Economy classes.

Irrespective of when it was recorded, due to the conceptual nature of Economy questions, this course remains highly relevant. With the conceptual clarity you can easily answer more than 70% of Economy Prelims questions.


Where is Ekam IAS located?

Ekam IAS is a premier online coaching institute for UPSC Civil Services Examination, located at Kochi, Kerala.

We’ve years of experience in mentoring and teaching students all over the nation, helping them achieve their UPSC-dream through the right guidance, strategy and precise content.

Is EMI facility available for MoE?

Yes, EMI facility can be availed using credit cards. Credit Card options are given in the payment page. Click ‘Add to cart’ and proceed with on screen options. 

How will I get the access to the course?

We provide the classes through our state-of-the-art e-Learning portal. You’ll be able to watch the classes in an organized way.  

When is the class time?

Our classes can be watched at your convenient time, day or night. Learn anytime, anywhere.

What is the course validity?

MoE course will be valid for 180 days. 

How will I be able to clear my doubts?

Doubts can be cleared directly by contacting our subject experts and mentors. They can be contacted via Telegram, WhatsApp or phone call.

Samjad sir won’t be directly available for doubt clearance. In MoE course, our data shows, doubts asked by students are negligible. This can be attributed to flawless teaching by Samjad sir. 

How many times can I watch each class?

5 times. Additional views will be provided for genuine reasons on case-by-case basis.

Are live classes available?


Due to personal reasons Samjad sir is not taking Economy classes anymore. 

These classes available with MoE course was recorded by Samjad sir in 2021. Even though current affairs are not updated, these videos are great to understand static portion of the syllabus and gain concept clarity. 

Can I watch demo classes for this course?

Yes, of course. We encourage all students to make an informed decision.

Please send your full name and email address to the WhatsApp of the following number and ask for demo classes for MoE. 9446331522 


Is current affairs included in this course?


Current Affairs has to be separately updated. If you join MoE, you’ll easily able to understand Economy current affairs, when you read newspaper. This is because of the concept clarity you gain through MoE course.  

If interested, you can join our Current Affairs Plus course. Economy classes won’t be taken by Samjad sir though. 

But 3 years of current affairs will be covered thoroughly through video lectures and study material. Forget bulky magazines!

What is the admission procedure?

Please click ‘Add to cart’ and complete the checkout. Once course fee is remitted, you’ll be contacted by our team. Within in 1 hour you’ll be able watch the classes. 

After paying the fee, when can I start the course?

You’ll receive an email confirmation of the payment and a request to submit photo and ID proof. After submitting the details, your course enrolment will be completed and within 1 hour you’ll be able to begin your course.

How can I join Master of Economy course?

Please click ‘Add to cart’ and proceeed with on screen instructions. 

Is there any offer available?

Yes. Use coupon code: CONCEPTCLARITY 

2021 fee structure:

  • Economy Prelims course: Rs.14,999
  • Economy Mains Course: Rs.14,999
  • Combo, Master of Economy: Rs.18,999

Now, the combo course, Master of Economy for Prelims and Mains is available at just Rs.9,999. Coupon code: CONCEPTCLARITY

Investing in Master of Economy will make sure that you answer 70% of Economy questions accurately. 

Join the Master of Economy (MoE) course to gain great concept clarity in Prelims and Mains syllabus of Economy.

Use coupon code: CONCEPTCLARITY