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Let UPSC Prelims examination feel just like another mock test.

Join Ekam PTS to experience the UPSC-standard Mock Tests

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Crack UPSC Prelims with Ekam PTS
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Prelims Test Series by Ekam IAS, Ekam PTS, have helped countless aspirants to clear UPSC Prelims Examination. Our Prelims mock test stands out from the rest as it is neither ‘too’ easy nor ‘too’ tough, exactly like the UPSC. 

Let UPSC Prelims examination feel just like another mock test.
Join Ekam PTS to experience the UPSC-standard Mock Tests.

Knowledge is important to clear Prelims examination. Of course, yes. But, cracking Prelims examination goes beyond knowledge! The ability to apply knowledge and to logically guess the correct answers are essential. And, it requires a high probability to your guess-work. In order for this, you need to familiarize yourself with the UPSC Prelims question pattern.

This is the reason why practicing UPSC-standard mock tests are seen as the best strategy to clear UPSC Prelims examination. Apply elimination methods; guess logically; learn to crack questions whose answers you don’t know completely.

How will you benefit from Ekam PTS?

  • Get familiarized with UPSC-standard Prelims mock tests so much so that the actual Prelims examination will just feel like another mock test for you
  • Learn from our experienced mentors to zero in on the right answer, without knowing the exact answer in your UPSC Prelims
  • Inculcate ‘prelims-habits’ that enable you to score 10-20 additional marks above your competition
  • Identify your weak areas within the core-subjects through an AI-based Weakness Identifying and Nurturing System (WINS)
  • Anticipate the toughness of the question paper to decide the number of questions you should attempt, to safely sail through Prelims

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Let UPSC Prelims examination feel just like another mock test.

Join Ekam PTS to experience the UPSC-standard Mock Test.

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Where is Ekam IAS located?

Ekam IAS is a premier online coaching institute for UPSC Civil Services Examination, located at Kochi, Kerala.

We’ve years of experience in mentoring and teaching students all over the nation, helping them achieve their UPSC-dream through the right guidance, strategy and precise content.

Is there any schedule?

 Yes. Tests will be uploaded as per the schedule. 

Click the link: Ekam PTS Schedule

What will I get after each mock test?

You’ll be able to see the AI-based analysis. This helps you to identify weak and strong areas. 

After each test, you’ll get answer-key and detailed explanation. Going through this will help you revise the entire syllabus

How will I be able to attend the tests?

Tests can be attended through our website portal as well as from android/iOS application. 

Android application

Website Portal

What is the course validity?

Course will be valid till the Prelims Examination

How will I be able to clear my doubts?

Our experienced mentors will clarify all your doubts. 

The mentors can be contacted via phone call or message. 

Will there be live sessions?

Yes. Orientation and strategy sessions will be conducted live. Recordings of these sessions will be provided in portal. 

Will there be discussion sessions?


There will be strategy sessions and one-to-one mentorship will be provided. 

How many tests will be provided?

Please check the schedule to understand more details:

Ekam PTS Schedule

What is the admission procedure?
  1. Please click ‘Enroll Now’ and then click ‘Buy Now’.
  2. Verify your mobile number using OTP
  3. Apply coupon, if any, and complete the payment.
  4. Start practicing using UPSC-standard mock tests.  
  5. Meanwhile, our team will share ‘Admissions Form’ with you. Enter your valid details to complete your course enrollment. 
  6. Failing to submit ‘Admissions Form’ will lead to suspension of your account. 
After paying the fee, when can I start the course?

You can start taking mock tests as per the schedule through our website portal and/or mobile application. 

After paying, instantly you’ll get access. Later, you’ll be contacted by our enquiry team to verify your identity. Identity verification has to be completed within 3 days, failing to do so would lead to suspension of course without any refund. 

Is there any offer available?


An unbelievable offer!

An early bird catches the worm. Ever heard it? The one who acts early gets that which is the most-sort-after.

Act now. Get the most-sort-after prelims test series worth Rs.5,470 at just Rs.497.

Great quality can be affordable now! Avail the Early Bird Offer.

Offer Validity: Ekam PTS will begin from 29 January 2023. The offer will expire at 10 pm on 22 January 2023. It is limited to first 600 students only. 

The offer is to celebrate the launch of new Ekam IAS mobile application. 

Let UPSC Prelims examination feel just like another mock test.

Join Ekam PTS to experience the UPSC-standard Mock Test.