Malayalam Optional

Malayalam Optional Syllabus

Malayalam Optional Syllabus

Malayalam Optional Syllabus

In this post, we’ll share with you the Syllabus of UPSC Malayalam Literature Optional. The original Malayalam optional syllabus is given by UPSC in English. Therefore, the essence of the syllabus shouldn’t be lost while translating. Special Care should be taken in this regard. You can download the syllabus in both English and Malayalam at the end of this article.

Understanding the syllabus and covering each part of it is crucial to score well. The syllabus should be analysed along with the previous years’ questions to understand the actual demand of the UPSC examination. Apart from the syllabus and PYQs, it is essential to understand whether Malayalam Literature is the right optional for you. Is Malayalam suitable for you? Click here to know. 

Malayalam Optional contains 2 papers of 250 marks each.

Malayalam Optional Paper-1 syllabus

Paper-1 syllabus of Malayalam Optional demands the candidates to know: 1) The history and evolution of Malayalam as a language; 2) Its linguistic features 3) Standardization of Malayalam 4) the Literary history of Malayalam during Ancient, Medieval and Modern times.

Malayalam Optional Paper-2 syllabus

While the Paper-1 is about the language, Paper-2 syllabus of Malayalam Optional is about Malayalam literary works. Paper-2 requires a candidate to think critically. The theoretical aspects given in Paper-1 should be interlinked with the literary works given in Paper-2.

Syllabus of Malayalam Literature Optional as given by UPSC



(Answer must be written in Malayalam)

Section A

1. Early phase of Malayalam Language :

    • 1.1 Various theories : Origin from proto Dravidian, Tamil, Sanskrit
    • 1.2 Relation between Tamil and Malayalam : Six nayas of A.R. Rajarajavarma.
    • 1.3 Pattu School – Definition, Ramacharitam, later pattu works – Niranam works and Krishnagatha.

2. Linguistic features of :

    • 2.1 Manipravalam – definition, language early manipravala works – champu, sandesakavya, chandrotsava, minor works. Later manipravala works – medieval Champu and Attakatha.
    • 2.2 Folklore – Southern and Northern ballads, Mappila songs.
    • 2.3 Early Malayalam Prose – Bhashakautaliyam, Brahmandapuranam, Attaprakaram, Kramadipika and Nambiantamil.

3. Standardisation of Malayalam :

    • 3.1 Peculiarities of the language of Pana, Kilippattu and Tullal.
    • 3.2 Contributions of indigenous and European missionaries to Malayalam.
    • 3.3 Characteristics of contemporary Malayalam; Malayalam as administrative language. Language of scientific and technical literature-media language.

Section B


4. Ancient and Medieval Literature :

    • 4.1 Pattu-Ramacharitam, Niranam Works and Krishnagatha.
    • 4.2 Manipravalam-early and medieval manipravala works including attakkatha and champu.
    • 4.3 Folk Literature.
    • 4.4 Kilipattu, Tullal and Mahakavya.

5. Modern Literature-Poetry :

    • 5.1 Venmani poets and contemporaries.
    • 5.2 The advent of Romanticism-Poetry of Kavitraya i.e ., Asan, Ulloor and Vallathol.
    • 5.3 Poetry after Kavitraya.
    • 5.4 Modernism in Malayalam Poetry.

6. Modern Literature-Prose :

    • 6.1 Drama
    • 6.2 Novel
    • 6.3 Short story.
    • 6.4 Biography, travelogue, essay and criticism.



(Answers must be written in Malayalam)

This paper will require first hand reading of the texts prescribed and is designed to test the candidate’s critical ability.

Section A

Unit 1

1.1 Ramacharitam-Patalam 1.

1.2 Kannassaramayanam-Balakandam first 25 stanzas.

1.3 Unnunilisandesam-Purvabhagam 25 slokas including Prastavana.

1.4 Mahabharatham Kilippattu-Bhishmaparvam.

Unit 2

2.1 Kumaran Asan-Chintavisthayaya Sita.

2.2 Vailoppilli-Kutiyozhikkal.

2.3 G. Sankara Kurup-Perunthachan.

2.4 N. V. Krishna Variar-Tivandiyile pattu.

Unit 3

3.1 O.N. V .- Bhumikkoru Charamagitam.

3.2 Ayyappa Panicker —- Kurukshetram.

3.3 Akkittam-Pandatha Messanthi.

3.4 Attur Ravivarma — Megharupan.

Section B

Unit 4

4.1 O. Chanthu Menon-Indulekha.

4.2 Thakazhy-Chemmin.

4.3 O. V. Vijayan-Khasakkinte Ithihasam.

Unit 5

5.1 M. T. Vasudevan Nair-Vanaprastham (Collection).

5.2 N. S. Madhavan-Higvitta (Collection).

5.3 C. J. Thomas-1128-il Crime 27.

Unit 6

6.1 Kuttikrishna Marar-Bharataparyatanam.

6.2 M. K. Sanu — Nakshatrangalute Snehabhajanam.

6.3 V.T.Bhatttathirippad-Kannirum Kinavum.

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