UPSC Mains PYQs – UPSC Previous Year Questions

Previous Years' Questions

UPSC Mains PYQs – UPSC Previous Year Questions

Solving UPSC Previous Years’ Questions is an integral part of every UPSC topper’s strategy who has ever cleared UPSC Civil Services Examination. While solving UPSC PYQs you’ll learn the actual demand of the IAS/IPS/IFS examination. The best preparation-strategy to crack UPSC CSE is to streamline your preparation based on the UPSC syllabus (Prelims syllabus and Mains syllabus) and UPSC previous year questions.

While preparing for UPSC Mains examination, it is necessary to co-relate the UPSC Mains PYQs with the mains syllabus. Go through the subject-wise previous years’ questions, and analyze them to understand what exactly it is that UPSC is expecting in an answer. This process will give you insights on the topics to prioritize, from each subject within the syllabus.

Click the button below to download the subject-wise segregated UPSC Mains Previous Year Questions. Click here to download all UPSC Prelims previous year questions.

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