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UPSC Telegram Channels

Ekam IAS Telegram Channels

Our UPSC Telegram channels are a huge pool of resources to aid an aspirant in their journey of becoming a Civil Servant. Through Ekam IAS Telegram channels, we support over 53,461 (at the time of writing this article) UPSC aspirants. These channels provide UPSC-standard MCQs, Current Affairs, Newspaper articles, study materials, and much more for those who’re preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Join Ekam IAS UPSC / IAS Telegram Channels for the best and high-quality UPSC free content.

For UPSC Prelims MCQs and current affairs, join our UPSC Prelims-specific channel: Ekam UPSC Prelims Portal

For UPSC Essay content, join our UPSC Essay channel: Ekam UPSC Essay

For UPSC Ethics content, join our UPSC Ethics channel: Ekam UPSC Ethics

For Malayalam Literature Optional content, join the following channel: Malayalam Literature Optional

For UPSC Mains content, join our UPSC Mains channel: Ekam UPSC Mains

UPSC questions based on current affairs are no more limited to the immediate one year. To tackle this, we’ve segregated years of newspaper articles. For reading subject-wise newspaper articles, please join the following Telegram channels:

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