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National Press Day

National Press Day Ekam IAS

National Press Day

National Press Day Freedom of Press

November 16, National Press Day, marks the celebration of India’s free and responsible press. The day honours Media’s role as the fourth pillar upholding our democracy. Media provides a resounding voice to the voiceless and foregrounds the needs of the marginalised. It shines light on society’s defects while empowering citizens to demand their civil rights.

This year commemorates the 56th birth anniversary of the Press Council of India (PCI).

As the watchdog of Press freedom, PCI is entrusted with the unique duty of safeguarding the independence and accountability of the Press. PCI was an outcome of a committee instituted by the 1st Press Commission 1956, to protect the ethics of journalism and freedom of the national press. PCI was formed under Justice J.R Mudholkar to monitor the Media’s autonomous functioning and the quality of its reporting. PCI lacks penalizing power. It can summon, warn or criticize a media agency or person it has received the complaint against.

In World Press Freedom Index 2022, India’s ranking dropped to 150th position from last year’s 142nd rank among 180 nations.


Article 19 of the Constitution of India provides the right to freedom of speech and expression however the freedom of press is not specifically included in the article.

Article 19(2) lays down reasonable restrictions to freedom of speech and expression in matters related to interest of sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of state, friendly relations with foreign States, public order,  decency or mortality, or in relation to contempt of court, defamation, or incitement to an offence.

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