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Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII)

Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment - Ekam IAS

Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII)

  • The G7 countries have officially launched the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII).
  • PGII is a joint initiative to fund infrastructure projects in developing countries.
  • The infrastructure plan was first announced in June 2021 during last year’s G7 Summit in the UK.
  • It is seen as an initiative to counter China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative.
  • PGII was initially called as Build Back Better World (B3W) framework.
  • The PGII is a values-driven, high-impact, and transparent infrastructure partnership to meet the enormous infrastructure needs of low and middle-income countries.
  • It support the United States’ and its allies’ economic and national security interests.
  • The G7 members aim to collectively mobilise $600 billion by 2027 to invest in sustainable and quality infrastructure projects in developing countries, including India, and strengthen global supply chains.
Four priority pillars under PGII :
  1. Tackle the climate crisis and ensure global energy security through clean energy supply chains.
  2. Bolstering digital information and communications technology (ICT) networks facilitating technologies such as 5G and 6G internet connectivity and cybersecurity.
  3. Advance gender equality and equity.
  4. Build and upgrade global health infrastructure.
China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) :
  • China began the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013 under its President Xi Jinping.
  • It aims to revive the ancient trade routes crossing to and from China–from Rome in Europe to East Asia.
  • Under this, the Chinese government helps in providing loans for infrastructure projects to various countries.
  • This helpes China mark its footprints at a global level.
  • Italy became the first G7 member to be a part of the BRI in 2019.
  • Germany and France, while not directly participating in the BRI, have also partnered with China in building rail networks and other projects for connectivity.
India’s stand on BRI :
  • India opposed the BRI as it included the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which connected Kashgar in China with the Gwadar port in Pakistan via Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII)
One Belt One Road

Model Question

Q. Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII), recently seen in news, is related to which one of the following groups?

(a) World Bank

(b) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

(c) G7


Answer : C

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