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PM SHRI Scheme

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PM SHRI Scheme

  • The Union Cabinet approved the ‘PM Schools for Rising India’ (PM SHRI) scheme to turn existing government schools into model schools for implementation of the National Education Policy, 2022.
  • The scheme was announced on the occasion of Teacher’s Day 2022 by the Prime Minister of India.
  • The scheme will be implemented as a Centrally sponsored scheme for transforming nearly 14,500 schools across the country.
  • It aims at strengthening the selected existing schools from amongst schools managed by Central Government/ State/ UT Government/ local bodies.
  • Schools will be selected only if the State government agrees to implement the NEP.
  • The PM SHRI scheme also provides a “School Quality Assessment Framework” which will be developed for measuring key performance indicators for carrying out quality evaluation of schools selected from the current academic year.
  • The quality parameters for the scheme will include :
  • Implementation of NEP 2020.
  • Student registry for tracking enrolment and learning progress
  • Improvement in learning outcomes of each child to achieve levels above State and National average.
  • Linkage of school with higher education institutions and local entrepreneurial ecosystem for mentoring as well as creating “students rooted in the heritage of India, proud of values of Bharat, conscious of duties towards society and responsibilities towards nation-building”.
  • The PM SHRI schools will be equipped with modern infrastructure including labs, smart classrooms, libraries, sports equipment, art room etc. which is inclusive and accessible.
  • These schools shall also be developed as green schools with water conservation, waste recycling, energy-efficient infrastructure and integration of organic lifestyle in curriculum.
UPSC Prelims Model Question

Q. With reference to the PM SHRI scheme, consider the following statements :

  1. It is a scheme to turn existing government schools into model schools for implementation of the National Education Policy.
  2. The scheme will be implemented as a Centrally sponsored scheme.

Which of the statements given above is /are correct?

a) 1 only
b) 2 only
c) Both 1 and 2
d) Neither 1 nor 2

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