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Jhansi ki Rani – Rani Lakshmi Bai

Jhansi ki Rani

Jhansi ki Rani – Rani Lakshmi Bai

Freedom Fighter Rani Lakshmi Bai, Jhansi ki Rani, became an emblem of opposition against British rule in India. She is remembered as a powerful martyr and a sign of woman power and heroism. She was a leading figure in the Indian Rebellion of 1857, and she is a symbol of resistance to the rule of the British East India Company.

Jhansi ki Rani Ekam IAS
Rani Laxmibai’s statue in Solapur.

On 19th November 1828 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh a child named ‘Manikarnika’ was born. Later she was married to the King of Jhansi, Raja Gangadhar Newalkar in 1842 and became “Jhansi ki Rani”.

She had a son named Damodar Rao, who died within four months of his birth. Following the death of their son, her husband adopted a cousin’s child and renamed as Damodar Rao. But Lord Dalhousie refused to acknowledge the child and applied the Doctrine of Lapse, and annexed the state.

The doctrine of Lapse was an annexation policy followed widely by Lord Dalhousie when he was India’s Governor-General from 1848 to 1856. Under this rule, the princely state that was under the control of the East India Company where the ruler did not have a legal male heir would be annexed by the company. Also, any adopted son of the Indian ruler would not be proclaimed as an heir to the kingdom.

By applying the doctrine of lapse, Dalhousie annexed Jhansi in 1853. However, the Rani refused to accept Lord Dalhousie’s decision and fought against the British.

Rani Laksmibhai Ekam IAS
Jhansi ki Ranis statue at Pune

The Rani of Jhansi gave a tough fight to the British and became one of the brave warriors of India’s struggle for Independence. She was a pivotal figure in the Indian Revolt of 1857 and died fighting on the battlefield on 17th June 1858.

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